Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen 101 by Dr. EnQi & Tone

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Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen 

The basics are there, hydration.

Yes, you are going to be hydrated when you drink water loaded with Molecular Hydrogen and get a full round of minerals in your diet; that is to be expected. When you are thirsty and need a great way to give your body the water that it needs, this should be your first step. Problem, its almost unheard of and largely unavailable.

It will rehydrate your body and cells, allowing you to feel much better and to avoid the dangers of dehydration. Of course, Molecular Hydrogen does not stop there. It may be great for the basics, but it gives you much more than just that. While the hydration itself is great, and better than other options, another point of this is the weight loss. When taking Mommatomix and consuming medical grade Molecular Hydrogen, you will be able to lose weight healthily and more quickly than you could otherwise. This is a great addition to your life when you want to be healthier and look better as a whole. One huge benefit to this is how it is anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. This is huge for water and it is a great way to give your health and appearance the boost that it needs.

Molecular Hydrogen is Anti-Ageing Anti-Viral Anti-Bacterial all at the same time simply by being Anti-Fat!!!

Molecular Hydrogen produced by the Nexus Smart 9p water ionizer or produced with Mommatomix will help you to avoid dangers in the future along with annoyances with aging. As the years go by and life happens, you will be able to look beautiful and be healthy. While it can not protect you against everything, it does a great job and it is highly effective. Molecular Hydrogen is the fountain of youth because it is the foundation of Biochemistry and the foundation of Bioelectromagnetism & Charge. For those who may not know, too much acid forming elements can be bad for the body. Molecular Hydrogen & Mommatomix are the solutions to this problem. It will balance out your body so that it is not overly acidic. This will help you to be healthier in a way that other options can not offer, and in a way that is completely natural and healthy.

Molecular Hydrogen has many health benefits for our bodies however we need to maximize our mineral intake in order for the maximum effect to happen. Over 200 of the most basic Bio-Molecules are created and/or regulated by Molecular Hydrogen. When combined with the right types of minerlas via Mommatomix (hin hint lol) it will hydrate your body effectively and it will be good for you overall.

The taste of the Molecular Hydrogen Water is better than any other regular or tap water in the market. The Nexus Smart 9p Molecular Hydrogen Water Machine and/or Mommatomix can be purchased at 

Almost 200 human disease models had been clinically demonstrated to benefit from Molecular Hydrogen and almost 1000 scientific articles have been written on Molecular Hydrogen. Good Bacteria work via Molecular Hydrogen and Infrared production for the body. The endoplasmic reticulum responsible for most protein production and folding does not function without optimal levels of Molecular Hydrogen. Molecular Hydrogen increase all of the major Antioxidant markers like SOD, GPx, Glutathione etc… Molecular Hydrogen is the gas in the engine of the NRF2 Antioxidant system and the most effective Mitochondrial Antioxidant you can incorporate into your diet or supplement regimen.

The biggest Major Break through which is why my Dad is the Greatest Of All Time is because Resveratrol as a plant based analoge for tyrosine up-regulates the Molecular Hydrogen pathway in exactly the way he predicted over 10 years ago. Get your Resveratrol from Histonic his brilliant formula that he couldn’t have completed without KT the Arch Degree.

Here’s a lil science to help you understand BioChemistry…

Hydrogen Reduces Oxygen Oxidizes. Its very general but it’ii help you with the coming information.

onetoneBenefits of Molecular Hydrogen 101 by Dr. EnQi & Tone

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